Goblins: Alternate Realities – Update

I’ve been working really hard on G:AR, over the past weeks. With that and a medical issue dragging me down (which is thankfully behind me now) Goblins updates have been slow, but I expect them to pick up.

I’ve posted four videos on YouTube, explaining various aspects of G:AR…

Part One: The Kickstarter Thing

This video talks about the money, the stealing in my name (which is still happening) and is basically twelve minutes of me, ranting.

Part Two: The Hell Is G:AR?

Nine and a half minutes of me explaining what the game is, in a general sense.

Part Three: Types Of Cards

A half hour video that breaks down some of the card types in the game and explains how they are used during play.

Part Four: What A Round OF G:AR Looks Like

About twenty minutes of hypothetical examples of the sorts of chaos and craziness than can take place during the game.

These videos don’t really talk about the more basic aspects of the game (leveling up, combat, quest completion, etc). I just really wanted to explain the unique parts of story creation. Please comment on one or more of the videos and let me know what you think.