Posted September 15, 2014 at 8:06 pm
Okay, so we're really doing this. After seven months, we're relaunching. Wow. Now, I know that there are some questions that some of you might have about my situation, but wouldn't ever ask because it'd be, you know... rude. But if things were reversed, and you were relaunching the comic that I was reading, I'd be wondering certain things about you. Like... are you going to start acting all crazy now? Are you going to be tweeting that the ghost of Artax the horse, has been telling you that the gooey stuff inside Cadbury's Creme Eggs is made from people? Well, here are 8 answers to questions that some of you might want to know, but are too polite to ask.
  1. "Did you see a professional?" - Yes. I got myself a psychiatrist that I see regularly. He's awesome and has helped quite a bit.
  2. "Are you diagnosed with anything?" - Yes, I was diagnosed. I'm going to keep that diagnosis to myself, though.
  3. "Are you on any medication?" - Yup, I'm on an anti-depressant. This is the third medication tried out on me, and this seems to be the one that's got me able to, you know... live.
  4. "Well, are you going to be acting all crazy now?" - No more than usual. None of my symptoms are psychotic, meaning that I'm in no way confused about reality. No hallucinations or bouts of paranoia, etc. What I'm dealing with is anxiety based. Here's a beautifully portrayed example of what I commonly deal with. It's a scene from Iron Man 3. Somehow, seeing Tony Stark going through what I go through, makes it a bit less embarrassing.
  5. "Is this going to affect the comic? Is Goblins going to be different, now?" - Yes and no. The entire story for Goblins was written years ago, so that's not going to change. But in the last seven months, I've been drawing things that are very different than Goblins and I've learned quite a bit about new techniques, etc. This is bound to create a bit of a leap in artistic quality. Aside from that, Goblins is still going to be Goblins.
  6. "What of the comic's update schedule?" - I honestly don't know. Although I'm still dealing with those "Tony Stark" issues, they are getting less frequent and I'm certain this is all totally temporary and there will come a time when all of this stuff is a distant memory.
  7. "Isn't Goblins your job? How have you lived this long without an income?" - I wield the sword of debt, brandish the shield of IOUs and don the armour of 'Please Don't Cut Off My Power'
  8. "Do you have less readers after the hiatus?" - I'm certain that I have lost some amount of readers after seven months of silence. I'm not sure what that amount is yet, but I suppose we'll see, after a few updates happen and some of those readers that (understandably) wandered off, decide to come back. But it'd be crazy to take this much time off and not expect there to be some damage to the size of my reader-base. We'll see what the future holds.
As always, thanks for... ...actually... Thanks for being there. ~Thunt  
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