Posted October 15, 2009 at 9:12 pm
This next update is the last update of Book Three and the last update of the Brassmoon story arc. Under the vote button is a sneak peek of a panel from that update.

And to everyone who has been pre-ordering Book Two, I offer my loudest, most obnoxious thanks ever! I really appreciate the interest that you're showing in the Book. Since this is Keenspot's first experience with publishing Goblins material, they're looking at how much interest there is and using that as a gauge to see how quickly they can invest in things like Goblins plushies, animation, etc. Your pre-orders make these fun things happen faster. As a thank you, here's what I'll do...

When Book Four starts updating, I'm going to be giving this site a much needed overhaul. Things like an updated fan art page (thanks to the artists for their patience), RSS link, D&D tools etc will be added. I was going to save a map of the Goblins landscape as a bonus in my next PDF downloadable book, but if the Book Two pre-orders pass 600 (this includes orders of both the softcover & hardcover or the combo pack), I'll instead add it as a permanent part of the revamped site for free.

As always, thanks for reading.

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