Posted May 8, 2013 at 7:05 pm
Well, the Facebook page for the upcoming Goblins game is off to a fantastic start! Evertide Games has set up a system of stretch goals linked to how many "likes" the page gets. We've passed 1000 likes, which means the game is guaranteed to include one bonus character on top of the twelve other playable characters. Based on the votes on the facebook page, it looks like that character will be Biscuit. Once the page hits 2000 likes, a second bonus character will be added (as I'm writing this, we're at 1433 likes). I 'think' the 3rd bonus character will be added if we hit 4000 likes but don't hold me to that, my numbers might be off. I'll get back to you with an officially confirmed number for the 3rd bonus character soon. Note: As each bonus character is added to the game, their gear is also added! EDIT: It has been confirmed that the 3rd bonus character gets added to the game at 4000 likes. Richard James (Evertide Games president) has talked about wanting to put the extra work into making Not-Walter one of the bonus characters. I want this. I want to make the following party... Biscuit wielding the Axe of Prissan / Klik wielding Kore's axes (to munch on. He gets hungry)  / Not-Walter wielding Kore's uber-crossbows and with one metallic wing, given by Klik So if you'd like to see Not-Walter as a bonus character, say so in a comment on the Facebook page. Evertide games is really good at busting their butts to make sure the players have what they want in a balanced game. And please, please, please spread the word and support the Kickstarter for the game when it comes out on May 21st! I look forward to playing this game with lots of folks at conventions! As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
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