Posted April 3, 2012 at 7:22 pm
Aha! I have internet again! Why did I lose my internet? Well it goes a little something like this... The previous owners of my new home move out. The internet company climbs up the pole outside my house and disconnects their internet, since they've moved. We move into the new home. The internet company climbs up the pole outside my house and connects the internet for us. The next day, the internet company thinks that they have not yet disconnected the internet after the previous owners of the house moved out. So they climb the pole outside my house and disconnect the internet. I call the internet company and make an appointment for someone to reconnect us. Robert the internet guy shows up (we like Robert the internet guy), explains everything to us and saves the day! So go vote at the Goblins vs OotS battle! We have defeated Romantically Apocalyptic, and so as promised, I will answer the question that I've refused to answer for years... "Can Minmax see out of his damaged, right eye?" The answer is yes. He suffers no penalty or impaired vision from the scar. Think about it, he complained about how the scar makes him look, but he has never complained about any kind of vision penalty. A minmaxer like him would definitely complain about a penalty to any of his abilities. So if we beat Order Of The Stick, I'll post all of the Shield of Wonder's random effects (*). Let me also take this moment to say that Order Of The Stick is nothing short of brilliant. In my opinion, it's much funnier than Goblins. The timing of the jokes are astounding. I still laugh at "bluff the stupid ogre". If you haven't read OotS yet, go do so now. And for the 80's fight scene to represent this battle, I bring you Optimus vs Megatron. And now back to drawing! This move has made me late! As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt EDIT: (*) You know what? The more I think about it, the more I feel like a jerk face for offering you stuff to get you to vote. I'll post the Shield of Wonder info and the map whether Goblins wins or not. Just give me enough time to get those things in order. :)
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