Posted March 29, 2012 at 12:50 pm
We beat Looking For Group? Seriously? YES! We destroyed the guys who host my site, send me ad revenue cheques every month and will be publishing future Goblins books! Wait. Uh oh. Anyways, now we're up against Romantically Apocalyptic. I've never seen this comic before, but I'm sure it's some crappy rip off of Penny Arcade or something. It probably sucks so hard that it can't possibly provide a challenge to us Goblinites. Let me just pop over to their site and read some of this garbage now. Whoa. That's a good comic. I mean, that's seriously good stuff. Intelligent jokes, gorgeous art work and a very original method of combining photography with digital painting. I think we're in trouble. I also think you should all check out that comic. Awesome stuff! Okay, here's the deal. If we beat RA, I'll answer the most commonly asked question I get about the comic. "Can Minmax see out of his right eye?" If we beat our next opponent after that, I'll post my chart of all the things the Shield of Wonder can randomly do. If we beat the opponent after that (thereby winning the tournament), I'll redraw and post my map of the Goblins world (something I've never publicly shown). I'd have to redraw it, because the ones I use in my notes are messy and covered in spoilery stuff. I really don't expect to win the tournament, but there you have it. Click here to vote on Goblins vs Romantically Apocalyptic. Click here to watch a cheesy, 80s fight scene that fits into the post apocalyptic tone. Click here to follow me on Twitter. As always, thanks for reading! And thanks for voting for us over at ComicMix! ~Thunt
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