Posted August 21, 2011 at 9:33 am
Next weekend, Danielle and I will be at the Blind Ferret booth (booth #1342) at Fan Expo in Toronto. Come and buy some Goblins loot, say hello or just hang out and make me look popular. Usually at cons, I sign a lot of books and that's certainly something I'll be more than happy to do again. However, for this con I'm inviting people to bring the strangest things you can think of for me to sign (if getting my signature is in fact, something that interests you). I'll sign a body part (Danielle says it's allowed, ladies), your lunch, or just about anything that isn't really gross (ie, no asking me to sign a dead bug or the pile of dog crap that you found outside). I'll also post pictures of the more bizarre things that I signed on the site when I get back. So if you're going to be at the Expo, definately come and say hello! As always, thanks for reading, ~Thunt
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