Posted July 3, 2015 at 2:45 pm
So I'm about to head out the door and go be in the woods for the weekend. This means that I won't have internet access, etc. I'm passing the daily bonus pages over to a friend so that he can update those while I'm gone. Also, I'm putting the latest Goblins page up as I run off. It's obviously not finished, but I really want to have 'something' for you guys. I really hate how slow the updates are, due to working on G:AR. However, I'm really making great headway with the game and I'm enthusiastically racing to the point where I can focus all of my energies on my first love, my comic. A lot of people continue to ask me if the game will be available for anyone to purchase, even if they didn't back the Kickstarter. If the game reaches physical form, you'll be able to buy it. And I can't give out any information yet, but I've been talking to some people and things look very promising. I'll go public with more details once I'm allowed to. I'm still hoping to get that Kickstarter backer list. If you've moved, etc. Don't worry. When the time comes, I'll make sure that you're not ignored. Follow me on Twitter for a nigh-daily look at a G:AR card and for other nonsense. Thanks and I'll see you on Monday! -Tarol
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