Posted June 16, 2011 at 10:22 am
Because I'm leaving for the Calgary Comic Con, I won't be able to update the comic until the 24th. I'm leaving for the con on Thursday morning, which doesn't allow me the minimum 48 hours needed to get Friday's page finished. Furthermore, I won't be back from the con until Monday night, which certainly doesn't give me enough time to do Tuesday's update. I'll tell ya what though. If you guys want to send me a fan comic (here's my email), I'll look 'em over on Monday night and post one of them in place of Tuesday's update. I'll even send the chosen artist an original Tempts Fate panel. Please make your fan comic one page only. For those of you who are laughing, screaming, rolling their eyes or peeing themselves over my horrible, horrible laziness and general irresponsibility,  please allow me to respond to you ahead of time. "Marvel or DC would have fired you by now." ... Yes they would have, since they would not like the fact that I'd have sued them for giving me the work of seven employees. "LFG and LICD would never pull this crap." ... Lar deSouza is a god in the industry with a scwillion years experience under his beard. I can't do what he does in the same way that I can't fight as well as Bruce Lee. And yes, even Lar has missed updates before. "Goblins is circling the drain because of this crap." ... It sure is. It's been circling the drain for six years now, with more readers every year gathering in preparation for my inevitable failure. I've been two to ten hours late for a crap load of updates in the last many months and on rare occasions like this convention, I've missed an update (in this case, two updates). However, I have never, ever been late or missed an update because of laziness. Every single update time for the past six years was genuinely and sincerely the best I could do without cutting any corners in the artwork. Anyways, there's my whiny rant. :P I'll see you guys in Calgary and I can't wait to see what awesome comics you create! As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
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