Posted May 13, 2013 at 2:02 pm
As of writing this, there are nine days until the Goblins: Alternate Realities Game Kickstarter launches (May 21). Evertide Games is dashing about and making sure everything is in working order.


This morning, EG announced one of their stretch goals, which they're calling the "Well of Darkness Adventurer" level. Here's a look at it.


That's a lot of loot, man. Also (and I hesitate to post this, because I hate the sound of my own voice so very much) they've released 16 minutes of Richard James (EG president) and myself talking about the game and being goofy. Mostly being goofy. The Facebook page for the game is currently at 3,082 'likes', which means the game will include two bonus, playable characters (and their gear). At 4,000 likes, EG is adding a third bonus character and adding Pan & Yala to the choices of bonus characters (they'll count as one playable character). And finally, on Wednesday, May 15, 12:00 noon PDT (GMT -7) I'll be doing a live broadcast here. Usually I draw during these broadcasts (or I goof around when I should be drawing) but this time I'll be talking about how to play the game and showing some of the prototype cards I have. The chatroom connected to the live feed will let you ask me questions, yell at me, call me handsome, etc. I wear a headset that reads the chatroom to me in text-to-speech, so I can literally hear your questions. You can also follow me on Twitter. It's a great way of throwing a comment or question at me and knowing I'm guaranteed to see it. As always, thanks for reading! ~Thunt
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