Posted June 30, 2013 at 10:15 pm
There's 19 hours left in the Kickstarter! If we hit $200k (currently we're at $166k), I'll post every bonus comic that appears in the paper versions of the books. That includes... Not Walter Screams Like a Little Girl The Origin Of Forgath's Helmet Goblins: The Youngling Years The Prisoner of Moon K'Tolo I'll also post 'The Merchandisables'. A single page comic about a group of heroes who happen to be the most merchandisable characters in history. These mini comics are each between 3 - 9 pages long and up until now, have only been available to those who've purchased the paper books. If we hit $200k, I'll post them here on the site for everyone to read. These bonus comics will NOT replace the normal Goblins updates. Note: That $200k goal includes the 'alternate pledge method' amount. So spread the word! And come and say hello in my 24 hour live, drawing marathon! As always, thanks for reading! ~Thunt
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