Posted June 26, 2013 at 12:12 pm
As of writing this, there are five days left in our wildly successful Kickstarter. It's almost over, and guess what... there are MORE incentives added! Free PDFs ($11 level) GARKSRewardPDFs Herbert as a Playable Character ($55 level) GARBonusCardsHerbert New Adventure Map Set ($99 level) garrenderadventuremapset600 And of course, all the other bonus stuff is still there too. To read more about the stuff in the pictures above, click here. And you can still pledge through Paypal here. But it's almost gone, so this is your absolute, last opportunity. A lot of this extra stuff disappears forever once the Kickstarter closes. As a thank you, I will be drawing live for the last 24 hours of the Kickstarter. It'll be right here. So pop in and say hello in the chat room or just listen to me whine about how numb my butt is. Cause you know... I'll be drawing for 24 hours, straight. I should be tired and grumpy at the end. Well... grumpiER. The live marathon starts on Sunday, June 30, 4 pm (GMT -7). So THANK YOU everyone! I'm so excited about the success and quality of this game! Please don't miss out on any of this bonus stuff that interests you. That'd make me sad. As always, thanks for... EVERYTHING! ~Thunt
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