November 10, 2010 at 8:21 am
Yesterday, Danielle was feeling under the weather, but today she has been very sick indeed. I woke up this morning at 3am to get Tuesday's update finished and I actually got a few hours of drawing in, but after that I spent the day taking care of Danielle. We're not sure if it's a flu or food poisoning, but she's been having a terrible time all day. Due to this, I lost most of the day and so I'm forced to make Tuesday's update into Friday's update. I want to apologise to all of my readers and let you know that the schedule will continue as normal each Tuesday and Friday. As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
October 24, 2010 at 4:33 am
Pre-orders for the brand new Big Ears Plushie are now being accepted. All pre-ordered Big Ears will be signed by me on request. EDIT: There's now a sneak peek of Tuesday's update under the vote button (down and to the right). As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
October 22, 2010 at 9:18 pm
This week we moved into a new house and my work time was cut down quite a bit. So I give you one of the previous owners of the Axe of Prissan. All the owners of the axe have already been written in a rough format. Having it all written out years ago allows for some of these characters to play parts in the main storylines of the comic and add another layer to it all. Eventually, the entire history of the axe will be public knowledge. Next update will be a standard comic page. As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
October 18, 2010 at 11:11 pm
There's a new sneak peek of tomorrow's update under the vote button over there. As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
October 14, 2010 at 10:56 am
New sneak peek under the vote button. Also, I'll be drawing all day (the day being Oct. 14, starting at 9:30am)  live on cam over at As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
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