Posted September 27, 2011 at 7:29 am
We got power back! Wait... let me back up a bit. We lost our electricity. Early this morning, a wind storm knocked a tree into some power lines and caused a lot of Sechelt, BC to lose power. This meant I that I haven't been able to work all day. However, power just now popped back on. This leaves me with a question. Can I finish 28 hours of work in 14 hours? Answer: Let's do this thing. Come to the live feed chat and keep me awake as I draw all night in a futile attempt to have an update ready for tomorrow afternoon. As always, thanks for reading! ~Thunt EDIT: Nope. All nighter failed. Still too sick. Been two weeks now. I'm so tired of this shit. No update for Sept 27th. Sorry everyone.
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