Posted May 18, 2012 at 4:24 pm
Today, as you probably noticed, is not a comic page. Today I posted stats for the Shield of Wonder. "Um... Thunt? Where's the actual list that comes with the shield stats?" You might be asking. "I'm still typing those all out. I'll post them tomorrow (May 19th)". I reply. "But why didn't you post a comic page today? Also, I'm low on ammo. Pass me a clip." You'd say as you leaned up against our sandbag barricade, firing into the mob of zombies. Oh, I figured I'd set this hypothetical interview in the midst of a zombie uprising to stop it from being boring. "Well," I'd say while pulling an ammo clip from my belt pouch and tossing it to you. "I think it's obvious to everyone, how much trouble I've been having, keeping up with the schedule. So today's update is about the Shield of Wonder, tomorrow I'll post the actual list and the next update will be a comic page." Just then, a zombie will have climbed over our barricade, only to be shot in the head by one of my six handguns I keep ready. "And then you'll return to the twice a week schedule?" You'll ask between gun fire. "Not exactly. Here, let me just draw the schedule in the sand for you. Look out, zombie on your left." I say as I grab a stick and draw out the following update schedule... May 18th - Shield of Wonder stats May 19th - Shield of Wonder list May 22nd - Comic update May 25th - Map of the Goblins world May 29th - Comic update "I see. So then you return to the usual schedule in June? Look out, two zombies coming up behind you." You'll say while zombies explode and collapse due to your gun fire. "Thanks. Not exactly. You see, it's been a long time since I've updated on time (noon) and even longer since I've updated a page with completed shading. There's also the fact that I'm working seven days a week, sometimes as long as 18 hours. I'm slowly sinking under the weight of this schedule. Look out, Dracula on your right." I answer as I pull the pin from a grenade and lob it over the sandbag barricade. A loud BOOM then precedes a shower of sand and decomposing body parts that rains viciously down upon us. After shooting Dracula through the heart with a wooden crossbow bolt made from the Awesomewhupass Tree, you turn to me. "So then what's the solution? One update a week? Look out, Bizarro Superman riding Godzilla on your left." "No, no. One update a week is too slow. Hell, two updates... Hang on." I then pull out a vial of ten billion Nano Pacmans, load it into my special gun and fire it at the Bizarro Superman and Godzilla team. "Two updates is even too slow. But since I have to make some kind of change, I'll be updating with some kind of filler on the last update of every month." At that moment, Godzilla and Bizarro would melt into a sickly, yellow paste. The sound of near infinite Pacmen eating furiously permeating the air all around us. "Oh I get. So starting in June, the last update of every month will be filler, but other than that, you're still updating twice a week." As you begin to understand my plan, you pick up your mini-nuke shoulder cannon and fire it at Giant, Mecha Bigbird from Dimension Twisted-Ouch-Hell. "Exactly! It's not a huge change, but it might just give me enough of a chance to catch up with things and maybe get a day off from time to time. Look out, Dire Galactus at three o'clock." As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
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