Posted January 5, 2012 at 1:50 pm
So the 4th annual Shorty Awards have started up. This year, I've decided to pimp myself out a bit for it. I know, I'm a whore. Anyways, voting for me is free and takes five to ten seconds. The only catch is that you need a Twitter account. You HAVE to type in a reason (after the word "because...") or the vote won't count. It can be really quick if you're like me and hate homework, which this almost is. Also, if you vote for me again in the same category, your new vote will simply replace your old vote. I appreciate the attempt though. If you don't follow me on Twitter, you should. I often tweet stuff that I think is funny, but usually isn't. Sometimes I even tweet about the comic. Also, for every thousand followers I gain, I'll go back in time and kick a nazi. Now to vote for me in the Hugos, you need to be a member of a past, present or future Worldcon. Here are the details. Scroll down to the category "Best Graphic Story" and vote for me there. You're welcome to vote for someone else, but be prepared to receive my phonecalls of sobbing at four in the morning. Also, there's now an official Goblins Facebook page. I didn't make it. It was made by fans much smarter than me. Feel free to go join it. There's also this thing on Reddit. The chat room connected with my ustream channel has become something very special. There are always people hanging out there and talking about geeky stuff and just being awesome. And these are some of the best people to waste time with online. Ustream chat is pretty cluncky, so feel free to download mIRC and use that to connect to the chat if you prefer. See instructions on how to do that below. The regulars in the chat room will be happy to help you as well. You can also earn XP and gold by chatting. Once you have enough of each, you can do things like launch other chatters with various devices or silence them for brief periods of time (that effect is pretty high level though). If you're having trouble getting your name to show up in the chat room, try typing... /nick <username> . How to set up mIRC with Ustream... In mIRC options under Servers Click Add In Add Server Description: Chat IRC Server: Ports: 6667 Group: ustream Password: <your ustream password> Click Add. Then type -->  j/ drawing-goblins  <-- to join the channel. And most of all, as always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
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