Posted April 24, 2011 at 9:10 pm
Danielle and I rent our home. If you've ever popped into the live feed to say hello or listen to me rant about... well, everything, then you've probably seen my house. It's beautiful. It's got high ceilings, a wood burning stove, is nestled deep in the Canadian forest and over looks the ocean with its floor to ceiling windows. We love it and are very lucky to be here. We moved here last October with the following agreement made with the owner. We'll rent for a couple years and then buy it from her. It was going to be perfect. Nice and smooth. However, the owner popped by recently to inform us that she'd decided to sell the house... now. Danielle and I aren't ready to buy just yet, mainly because we don't have the down payment. In an act of desperation, I began making plans to scrape together enough money for the down payment (somewhere in the neighbourhood of $30,000). My big attack was Tempts Fate. I asked myself "could Tempts pull together $15,000 or so if I told the fans that I was losing my house". The answer was yes. Yes, I believe that if I turned to my fans and told them that I desperately needed their help and started a massive Tempts Fate drive, I could pull in $15,000 or even more. Why would this work? Because I have incredibly generous fans. They've proved this before and when I mentioned my idea in a youtube video and on my live feed, a lot of people seemed ready to prove it again. Then, as time went on, I started to ask myself another question... "should I do this". Danielle and I talked about this for a couple hours last night and we both agreed that the answer is no. If fans of Goblins want to support the comic by buying merchandise or books or by making a donation through Tempts Fate, then they should. After all, that's where my income comes from. But if the creator of the comic turns to those fans and says "give me more money than ever before or my family and I lose our house", then it's more like I'm preying on that generosity. Taking advantage of it. A lot of you folks are damn good people! And I know that many of you would donate more than you would normally (even if your normal amount is zero), simply because you wouldn't want us to lose the house. That's almost like a kind of extortion. I have no doubt that you guys would have dug deep and Tempts would have made an historic amount of cash for us, but that's not how Danielle and I want to buy this house. The cold fact is that we don't have the down payment and therefore, we can't buy it. One day Danielle and I will buy our first house but for now, we'll be moving and renting somewhere else. A few days ago, I tweeted that if we got this house, it'd belong to all Goblins fans and therefore if you're ever in the area, you're welcome to come and hang out, play D&D or whatever. Well, we may not be getting the house, but our offer still stands! If you're ever in the Sechelt, BC area, give us an email and we'll do whatever we can to find the time to chill with ya! (Warning: Offer to chill not valid to jerk-faces). As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
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