Posted July 14, 2011 at 5:58 am
This Monday at noon (GMT -7 : Western Canada Time) I will launch the newest Tempts Fate. This Tempts will include giving away a bunch of original art from the comic as well as some other goodies. To insure that I'm able to draw both TF and the main comic, I'll be starting a drawing marathon to coincide with Tempts' adventure. Here are the rules of the marathon... - The live camera will always be on and pointed at my desk (though I may mute the sound for brief periods if Danielle and I need to discuss something private or make a phone call). - I can leave my desk for sleep, bathroom breaks and to stretch my legs for a minute or two every couple hours. Other than that, I stay at my desk. That's right... no showers (ew). -I'm allowed six hours of sleep per night. -I will remain at my desk, drawing until the financial goal is met. The exact financial goal is still being discussed by Danielle and me, but it'll be big. Really, really big. Big enough that I'm not sure if Tempts Fate will survive this one. Why so big? Well... Some of you might remember a blog post about how I didn't want to do a huge Tempts Fate to try and raise enough money to make a down payment on the house we're currently renting, but want to buy. After I made that post, I received a large number of emails telling me that I should go ahead and raise the down payment and let the fans decide for themselves what to do. Still, I didn't feel comfortable doing it. My plan was to scrimp and save and possibly get the down payment together before our lease was up (our landlady was nice enough to give us that much time to try and buy the house). Then the game changed. Last week, Danielle and I were served court papers informing us that the Bank is foreclosing on our landlady's house (our home). By Canadian law, the foreclosure trumps our lease and from what I understand about the process (which isn't a whole lot), we could be kicked out of here in about two months. I hate to sound all whiny, but I'm tired of not letting my son put up posters in his room because we may be moving. I'm tired of the tears, I'm tired of trying not to think about the fact that I may have to give our dog away to open up our apartment finding options. I'm tired of not being able to focus on our wedding or start trying to have a baby. Besides, if Tempts were standing in front of me, he'd run me through with a spear for not letting him risk his butt on this. He's kinda crazy. Click here for the Tempts Fate page (which is where you can donate) or click on the "Tempts 11!" button in the menu up top. Here's the live feed of my ongoing marathon. As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
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