Posted August 11, 2010 at 3:11 am
Firstly, click on the vote button (look right, then down a bit) to see the next panel coming up. I urge you to do this, because this week's update really needs to end with all of you seeing that next panel. Go do it now, then come back. Okay, now that that's done, let's take about some changes... We're no longer with Keenspot. Well, I guess that's obvious, but I felt that it should be said to induce closure. There was no dramatic battle between Keenspot and Goblins involved in the break-up. I think that Keenspot will do some cool things in the future and I wish them well. It was just time for us to move on. Along with the new host and new site, we're trying a new schedule. For a little while, we're going to try one page per update, two updates per week. So look for new comics every Tuesday at noon and Friday at noon (Pacific Time, GMT -8). Please note the word "try". The Fan Art section is finally updated as well. If you've submitted fan art and you don't see it on the page, please resend it and I'll have it up there in no time. More menu options are coming soon, we're still just getting set up. Tempts Fate (door three) will be up as soon as I can manage. This door took a long time to redesign and is taking even longer to draw. Plus, there's a Tempts Fate comic page that goes with it. Time consuming stuff. It's a hard one though and Danielle is more than a little nervous for Tempts. Finally, I've noticed that the ads over here on planet Ferret are pretty damn cool. Feel free to check out any of the advertised games, etc. that catch your interest. Finally (yep, I used "finally" twice. Take that, logic), thanks to the Blind Ferret guys for putting up with my high maintenance questions and nagging. You've been great! As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
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