Posted June 4, 2013 at 12:46 pm
Firstly, let's get that link out of the way... Hey look, it's a Kickstarter! And now for the REALLY import part! THANK YOU! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! I feel like you should all be here in my house right now. Like we should all be drinking beer or tea (beer-tea?) together. Seriously, there are no words to describe how grateful I am to you guys. You've carried me on your shoulders for every part of my career and I will forever be in your debt! As I'm writing this, the Kickstarter is at $48,622. So what's happening with the extra money beyond that initial $30,000 goal? It's being pumped into the game, of course! The more money the Kickstarter pulls in, the more awesome stuff the game will include. Extra items, higher quality materials, etc. Basically, the higher the Kickstarter goes, the better the whole game is! If you scroll down the Kickstarter page a bit, you'll see a map that shows we've met our first goal (funding the project within the first 48 hours), which means that the game will include a doublesided character card with Fumbles on one side and Senor Vorpal Kickass'o on the other side. The next goal is to reach $60,000 which will mean that every copy of the game will come with 'negative hit point' dice with -1 to -10 on them in the font that matches the comic. It'll give you something to throw at your opponent after they have killed off one of your characters. Have a healer on your team. And if you don't, invest in healing potions. The other goals will be disclosed on the map if/when we reach the previous goals. Some people have expressed that the video really doesn't explain much about the game itself. This has been brought to Evertide's attention. In fact, Evertide is very interested in hearing your thoughts on all of this and making improvements as they're needed. Feel free to click here and then click on "ask the project creator" to send them a question or concern. And again... thank you SO much to those of you who are supporting this project! I think you guys are going to really love this game. It's turning out to be something very special! The next update of the comic will be on Monday, June 10th. Again, Goblins has not permanently gone to a once/week schedule. This is just temporary while we get things in order. I'll continue to keep you posted. And don't forget, I'm usually up for answering questions through my Twitter. As always, thanks for... everything. ~Thunt
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