Posted May 17, 2013 at 3:38 pm
In August 2011, I ran a Tempts Fate donation drive. So where the hell are the Tempts Fate comics? Well, they're not done. At least, the last page of the promised TF comic isn't done. The Tempts Fate drive promised four pages of comic, but I was so grateful for the amazing donations from you guys, that I drew an extra page (in which Tempts becomes immortal and gets an icky eye on his foot). This pushed my work load from four pages, to five. So where's that fifth page? Well, I could give you a bunch of excuses about my workload, about how I can't keep up with the comic's schedule even when I'm NOT also drawing Tempts Fate, but excuses only get you so far. It comes down to the fact that I've screwed up and I owe you guys for this. I could have rushed a crappy, un-imaginative fifth page of TF11 and be done with it, but that'd be ripping you guys off. What I want to do is offer you something MORE because of my delays, not something LESS. The problem is, I don't have time to draw something MORE. Drawing that one extra page is partly what put me in this place to begin with. So what I've come up with, is to draw a penciled, sketched comic arc in which two easy to draw characters attempt to save Tempts from this whole delayed situation. This way, I can offer you something extra that while not very time consuming, is something that I can look at and be proud of, as a way of saying that I'm sorry for screwing up. After all, if I ran a restaurant and you had to wait a long time for your food, I'd want to make it up to you by giving you something extra. When this 'Search For Fate' arc comes to an end, I will post a fully coloured, final page that will bring TF11 to an end. But these penciled pages will remain penciled so I can focus on Goblins. The donation button has been removed from TF11 as I don't want any money for doing this. The point of this is to make up for my screw up, not to profit. Although this first SFF page is posted instead of a standard Goblins update, the rest of them will not be interfering with the main comic's schedule. Also, I will be posting the rest of the SFF pages on the Tempts Fate 11 page instead of the front page. I'll tweet and blog when a new SFF page goes up, but I don't want to promise a schedule. I really hope that you can accept my apologies for this. As some of you may know, I have a bit of a problem with guilt and this corner that I've painted myself into has been a big source of guilt for me. I'm hoping that this sketched arc can leave me feeling satisfied that I've corrected my screw up in an honourable way and made up for the ridiculous wait for that last page. If any of you have questions, just send me a tweet and I'll try to respond to everyone. As always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt
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