Posted April 25, 2012 at 1:45 pm
For years, Goblins has been on the TopWebComics list and it's been fun and awesome. I remember watching Goblins hover in the 40s and thinking "wouldn't it be cool to be in the top 10". Then we hit the top 10 and I thought "wouldn't it be great to be in 1st place". Then we hit 1st place and for awhile held that top spot only if I worked at it. That is to say, only if I presented regular vote incentives in the form of  upcoming panels from the next comic page. Then we reached a point where incentives were no longer needed. Goblins started to dominate the top spot with little or no incentives. The competition battled against us with daily postings of regular pics of their characters wearing little or nothing or of seperate comics that could only be read by voting for them on the TWC list. Often, this resulted in knocking Goblins into 2nd place, but it wasn't long before Goblins would lazily float up to 1st again. Please note: I feel like a total douchebag who's bragging and building himself up. I HATE this kind of egotistical crap, but it needs to be said to explain what's going on. So allow me to bring balance to the force with these unflattering facts... I can't grow a full head of hair. I dance like a moron. I suck at most sports. I'm 38 and I have never had a driver's licence. Whew, that feels better. Okay, back to the topic at hand. Ironically, while I write this blog, Goblins is currently in 2nd place on the list (way to go, Two Kinds!). Still, I feel like Goblins has enjoyed the 1st place spot enough and it's time to move on and make room for the other comics on the list. Some of them are brilliant, by the way! Please check them out! Of course, nothing is actually changing with Goblins. I'm still updating twice a week, tweeting daily and drawing live on cam almost daily. However at the end of April, I'll be removing the vote button from my site (you know... that goblin with the shield over there to your right). Now can I please stop talking about Goblins being 1st and go back to making jokes at my own expense? Thanks TopWebComics and thanks to everyone who's been voting for Goblins over the years! And thanks for reading! ~Thunt
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