Posted January 18, 2014 at 3:40 pm
Sometimes while I'm drawing, I leave a chat room up that has a 'grab the mic and talk' feature. It's like listening to a podcast between a couple dozen people. Over the last week or two, one of the regulars of that chat room (who goes by DarlingNadia) has been stressing over the fact that her and her seven year old daughter are facing eviction. She's unemployed (EDIT: though she is looking and has an interview lined up) and needs to raise $1261 by Jan. 22. She's been getting more and more stressed as each day passes and every time I listen to her cry over her overwhelming stress, I keep thinking "I could fix this". She's not a Goblins reader, I don't really know this woman, but... I could fix this. She's a devoted Christian and I'm (totally) not, but... I could fix this. I can't tell you very much about this person or how she got into this situation, but I can tell you the following with 100% certainty... Her situation is real. She's not lying about being evicted. She and her daughter are HUGE MLP and Naruto fans. Her daughter, Jessica is a sweety who spends her time leaping off of her couch whilst wearing a cape made from a bed sheet (I've listened to her do this a lot). I'm chipping in a bit of money and if any of you want to as well, we might just help her out. If you'd rather not, that's completely fair, since you don't even know her. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out. Just to be clear, none of this money goes to me or any kind of organized charity. It just goes to DarlingNadia. If you feel that I'm abusing my position, then please send your angry emails to me and leave DarlingNadia alone. She hasn't asked me to do this and in fact, has no idea that I even have a fanbase that can do this sort of stuff. Here's the general Paypal page - Paypal Here's her email connected to her account - Amount raised so far ... $2,182.99   USD / GOAL MET! YOU. ARE. AWESOME! She has asked me to mention to you how overwhelmed she is. She's frantically trying to write thank you notes to each person who's chipping in and having a hard time keeping up! You guys are absolutely amazing people. "I just wanted to shout out to all of the Fans of Goblins... who changed the lives of a Mom, Daughter, Dog, Cat, and 2 angel Fish.. We will be able to stay in our home and I will be able to focus on my upcoming interview without stressing about the day in court.  Thank you all who have supported Thunt, those who have come around two strangers, and those who have been prayerful as well. Donations ranged from $1.02 all the way to $200.00  Thank you for blessing us and showing overwhelming support" -Tiffany and Jessica MLP and Naruto Forever! Tif and JessAs always, thanks for reading. ~Thunt  
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