Goblins Vids

There’s a contest going on until August 4th/2012. Here are the details. All Goblins videos will be linked here, whether they’re part of the contest or not. If you’ve made a video that you’d like listed here, email me a link.

Klik has a message for you. (added August 3rd)

The next chapter in Players: Life Through Their Eyes! (added August 2nd)

A Dies Horribly Scene acted out with downright creepy sound effects! (added July 30th)

Big Ears… as a Pokemon?! (added July 26th)

HILARIOUS commercial for Goblins! (added July 22)

A Slideshow Trailer That Focuses Mostly On Names (added July 19th)

A Slideshow Trailer That Also Shows A Glimse At Live Drawing (added July 7th)

A Skit That Shows Goblins From The Players Side Of Things  called Players: Life Through Their Eyes (added July 4th)

Original CGI Minmax and Complains! (added June 20th)

Goblins As Xtranormal Teddybears (added June 20th)

Goblins slideshow scene with Kore & Chief acted out with voice over and music. Part One and Part Two (added June 16th)

Behold! A Goblins Slideshow Trailer! (added June 13th)

Kin Explains Goblins (added June 12th)

Goblins Slideshow Trailer (added June 12th)

“Psimax’s” Monologue Voiced Over a Slideshow (added June 12th)

Goblins Freestyle Song (added June 12th)

A Slideshow of Chief vs Kore With Music (added June 10th)

A Talking Hand Explains Goblins (added June 10th)

Dellyn’s Monologue Voiced Over a Slideshow (added June 10th) 

A Slideshow Trailer With Original Music (added June 10th)

The following videos are not part of the contest, but are about Goblins or mention Goblins.

I Got a Feeling Parody (sings a bit about the comic)

Slideshow / Opening For a Nonexistent Show

Review of Goblins

Goblins Voice Acted in Three, Short Episodes. Episode One Here.